Tuesday, 21st May 2024, 6:44:13am

About Excel International College

Message From CEO


It is my greatest joy to welcome you to Excel International College (EIC)! Your time here will be an exciting one with all the different programmes that are available to stimulate your journey to become an excellent and highly sought after individual, world wide!

Excel International College, a Specialist Entrepreneurship & Management College, takes pride in being one of the leading private Business Schools in Peninsula Malaysia. 

The Programmes that are available in our Business School are designed to give our students a balance between academic and hands-on approach towards the business and management training that is so much sought after by today's leading organisations.

While most of the Malaysian business schools in the mid 80s were still caught up in 100% pure academic delivery of business programmes, EIC had by then begun to re-design and re-engineer Business and Management programmes in order to introduce practical ways whereby students can learn to apply management theories to real life situations. 

This new vocational approach in the mid 80s led to EIC's unprecedented growth with its student numbers increasing by leaps and bounds yearly. Students that have graduated from EIC continue to enjoy one of the highest employment outplacement in the industrial, commercial and services sector in and around Peninsula Malaysia. This high outplacement not only confirms that leading organisations found our students well trained but also gives EICthe satisfaction and distinction of having contributed to the human resources needs of Malaysia. 

Being one of the most innovative Entrepreneurship, Business & Management Schools, our desire is to continue to train quality business and management students to meet Malaysia's as well as Asia's ever increasing demand for quality trained human resources in the 21st century. 

Please take your time to browse the various aspects of our Programmes and we look forward to being of service to you. 

SK Lai
Chief Executive
Excel International College